New semester begins Oct 7th!

New semester begins Oct 7th!

Hello again friends! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer! For me it was a time to slow down (just a little!) and catch up with the previous year that had lots of changes for me and my family. One of the high points over the summer was our female dog having a litter of puppies. If you watch my Facebook page then you would have seen some of the photos, but for those of you that missed out, I have posted a little sampler here on Flickr. As well, I have written a blog post on my clinic site sharing some of my experiences this summer with regard to the subject of weaning and feeding puppies on a natural, raw food diet.

Beyond this, I have a few announcements for the fall:

Become a DSBM Affiliate!
This new semester at the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine (DSBM) marks the beginning of our fourth year, and with over 150 students enrolled in our programs, the DSBM is establishing itself as leader of online education and mentorship training. To mark our fourth year, we are excited to announce that we are launching our new affiliate program! In a nutshell, if you register as an affiliate with the DSBM, you will receive a percentage of sales for any students you direct to us for registration. Support our work, and make money at the same time! For more details, please check our our Affiliate page!


Inside Ayurveda begins Oct. 7th 2015
Inside Ayurveda is a detailed, comprehensive online program that provides training in Ayurvedic medicine. The program consists of a 612 page manual with extensive appendices, indexes and a glossary; on-demand video and audio classes; a recorded weekly Q&A webinar; assessment tools; and membership in our online forum for two years! The Inside Ayurveda program is a component of the larger Mentorship program we offer at the DSBM, and students that successfully complete Inside Ayurveda are eligible to continue their studies with me in Nepal and India, scheduled for the winter of 2016-17.

Click here to learn more about the Inside Ayurveda program!

“I have taken many online courses and have completed an on-campus 500 hr Ayurvedic Health Educator program, and your program and teaching method tops all of them. I have much gratitude for all that you do to share your knowledge and for making your courses affordable. I am already looking forward to taking the Food as Medicine course once I finish the Inside Ayurveda course!”

– Daniela Guthrie, registered student at the DSBM


Food As Medicine begins Oct 8 2015
The Food As Medicine: Online Learning Program is based upon the book, Food As Medicine: The Theory and Practice of Food, but extends the concepts and practices further, to provide for a highly detailed and comprehensive approach to the subject of nutrition. Like Inside Ayurveda, registration in the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program provides you with access to video and audio classes; a recorded weekly Q&A webinar; assessment materials; and membership in our online forum over a two period. In addition to these resources, we have a library of instructional videos that will show you how to utilize the many techniques discussed in this course, just like this one on fermentation!

Click here to learn more about the Food As Medicine Program!


Michael Moore Lecture Library
Just before summer, we posted 50 recordings of class lectures given the late Michael Moore, recorded during the early 1990s. Michael Moore was was a musician, composer, and herbalist who lived in the southwestern US until his death in 2009. Michael wrote a number of important herbal texts on the medicinal use of native North American plants, and taught an entire generation of herbalists in the US and Canada. In celebration of his life and contribution we have digitally transferred and uploaded the final 50 recordings, representing more than 150 hours of lectures. These recordings are now available on the DSBM Audio page, but please note that you will need to register (for free) or login to access these recordings.