New semester begins March 23

New semester begins March 23

Happy new year! Let us all hope that 2016 brings us all closer to good health and happiness. To that end, we are delighted to announce that the Spring semester at the DSBM begins in March, with Inside Ayurveda starting on March 23rd, and Food As Medicine on March 24th. Please scroll down for more details.

Ayurveda Summit

Last fall I was asked to be part of the Ayurveda Summit, and was interviewed by Dr. Eric Grasser on the application of Ayurveda in every day life. You can still access these recordings, but if you missed them, here is some of the feedback:

Thank you Todd – you provided deep insight and ignited my curiosity. My earlier revelation from my day about ayurveda was…”Ayurveda is designed to maximize your potential in all aspects of life; to enhance your ability to do what you are here to do; to connect you with your highest expression of your unique gifts. Ayurveda is the Ultimate User’s Manual for Resilience.” I feel that you confirmed what I was sensing. What a gift Todd! THANK YOU!! Best session of the Summit! Awesome! – Peter

This session, for me, was the best. Todd is an excellent speaker and gets his message across clearly and simply to the new ayurvedic pupil. I know very little about Ayurveda and am listening to the different speakers at this summit, trying to learn as much as I can. Todd did not use old text words in excess, so I could follow along easily. I finished the session feeling that I learned something, and that Ayurveda is a natural wisdom, that I can do here at home. I don’t have to learn another language or go to India to practice Ayurveda. Thank you for this presenter and I wished he had spoken the first day. – Carmel

Loved loved, loved this interview, Todd you really wet my appetite, to hear more of you. You really give us some “food for thought”, After I listened to you, I had to just sit and allow this simple, but profound message sink in. I also ordered your book “Food As Medicine” I will be spending lots of time on your website, thanks Eric and Todd, JOB WELL DONE!!!!!! – Carla

You can review all the comments and feedback we received during the Ayurveda Summit, and if you’re interested, you can order the entire series of lectures, which includes many notable speakers.

Inside Ayurveda begins March 23, 2016

With so many choices to study Ayurveda, it is clear that the Inside Ayurveda program has become an industry leader, providing excellent detail and support, all at an affordable price! This program consists of a 612 page manual with extensive appendices, indexes and a glossary; on-demand video and audio classes; a recorded weekly Q&A webinar; assessment tools; and membership in our online forum for two years!

Food As Medicine begins March 24, 2016

The Food As Medicine: Online Learning Program is based upon the book, Food As Medicine: The Theory and Practice of Food, but extends the concepts and practices further, to provide for a highly detailed and comprehensive approach to the subject of nutrition. Like Inside Ayurveda, registration in the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program provides you with access to video and audio classes; a recorded weekly Q&A webinar; assessment materials; and membership in our online forum over a two period. To learn more, please check out our Food As Medicine video!


Ayurveda In Nepal: February-March 2017

Do you want to experience Ayurveda in its authentic cultural context? For over a decade now we have maintained close ties with the Bajracharya lineage of Ayurveda, an 800 year old hereditary tradition in Kathmandu, Nepal. Scheduled for early 2017, we will be taking a group of students to Nepal to experience this traditon for themselves, to gain valuable, practical insight into the true workings of Ayurveda. The Ayurveda In Nepal program will be structured in two parts: the first two weeks as an introductory program that is open to everyone; and a five week clinical program that is reserved for students that are enrolled or have completed the Inside Ayurveda program, or have otherwise met our inclusion criteria. We are now finalizing the details for this program, and will post all the information on our website very soon. Stay tuned!

Renew your Student Registration!

Some of you enrolled in the Inside Ayurveda program are nearing the end of your two year membership. If you wish to continue to access the content and participate in our Q&A and discussion group, you can purchase a one year extension by following this link directly.

Don’t forget our affiliate program!

If you register as an affiliate with the DSBM, you will receive a percentage of sales for any students you direct to us for registration. Support our work, and make money at the same time! To learn more, please register on our Affiliate page.

Canadian Students: loonie value got you down?

When we first launched our programs in 2012, the Canadian and US dollar were at par, and we priced our courses in USD. We are aware how currency fluctuations are creating some hardship for potential Canadian students, and so have created a temporary pricing structure to accommodate this. If you are living in Canada, and wish to register for our programs, please send us an email for more details.