12 culinary herbs… a free lecture

12 culinary herbs… a free lecture

Come join us on March 15th for 12 Culinary Herbs You Can’t Live Without, a casual and engaging evening with author and veteran practitioner Todd Caldecott. During this free lecture, Todd will introduce you to twelve important culinary herbs that everyone should know, providing a detailed review of their nutritional and phytochemical properties, as well as their culinary and medicinal uses. In this class, you will learn:

  • how to cook with these 12 herbs
  • what foods they go best with
  • how to prepare and use them as a medicine.

Date: March 15th, 2016
Time: 6pm PST

There is limited space available for this lecture, so register now!

Food As Medicine begins October 8th!

The fall semester for 2015 begins in one week! Here’s a little preview of the Food As Medicine program:

Basic fermentation skills

Here is a video we developed for the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program on the subject of fermentation. We are currently developing a library of practical, how-to videos for students enrolled in Food As Medicine, covering all the elements needed to properly use both food and herbs to prevent and treat disease.

Free preview of Food As Medicine

Free preview of Food As Medicine

Here is a free preview of lesson three, of the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program. Altogether, the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program consists of thirteen video/audio classes, providing a detailed review of nutrition, from a scientific and holistic perspective. In addition, the program offers a weekly Q&A that is recorded, instructional videos, student forum and assessment materials. To learn more about the program please click on this link for more information.

Food As Medicine launched!

Food As Medicine launched!

Since Food As Medicine: The Theory and Practice of Food was published in 2011, we have received countless requests for it to be turned into a distance learning course. We appreciate that you can learn only so much from the written word, and with this in mind, have developed the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program that will bring to light the principles and practices of using food as medicine. The course itself is divided into twelve, highly detailed recorded webinars, and includes a copy Food As Medicine (2014 edition), on-demand instructional videos, an online forum, assessment materials, and every week while the semesters are running, participation in a 90 minute Q&A webinar with Todd Caldecott for an entire year. If you register for the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program before September 15 the cost is $445, but then increases to its regular price of $495 (including shipping).

The new semester for the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program begins October 2. Make sure to register early to save money, and get your copy of Food As Medicine before the semester begins!

Inside Ayurveda: next semester begins October 1!

We continue to receive tremendous feedback from our students about the quality and value of our Inside Ayurveda program. Likewise, we are happy and impressed with the high calibre of students that we continue to attract. Students are telling us that there is nothing quite like our program, which aims to take someone with absolutely no background in Ayurveda, to a place where they can begin to implement it’s practices in their daily lives, or in their clinical practice. Inside Ayurveda is a program for people that have a deep passion for learning, that want to avoid the common faddisms that permeate the popular conception of Ayurveda. Students that successfully complete the Inside Ayurveda program receive credit in the DSBM Mentorship Program, and can also apply to partake in the Nepal-India Study Program that will run in early 2016.

We are also happy to mention that the Course Notes for Inside Ayurveda have been further revised and expanded, and at 612 pages, is a highly detailed text that contains a wealth of knowledge. Make sure to register early, allowing 2-3 weeks to receive your copy of the Course Notes.

Have some questions?

We have recently developed an FAQ that describes all of the programs offered at the DSBM, including an in-depth explanation of our Mentorship program. Please check it out, and if you have any more questions, please submit them through our contact page.