Cannabis and Ayurveda

Cannabis and Ayurveda

There are only 22 days to the start of the 2018 spring semester, including a new session of Inside Ayurveda, Food As Medicine, and our new clinical program called Phytomedica. Unmatched for their depth, these three affordable courses are excellent stand-alone programs but also serve as prerequisites for the DSBM Mentorship program, as well as the 2019 Ayurveda Overseas program. To help you make your decision whether to enroll, we have posted some free sample materials of each program. Please see below for more details.

Cannabis and Ayurveda

A few weeks ago we posted an in-depth article reviewing the medicinal uses of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), and due to popular request, Todd Caldecott is providing a second opinion on the use of marijuana  (Cannabis indica/sativa) in Ayurveda. This will be a Facebook LIVE event, hosted at on March 29, at 12pm Pacific time (3pm Eastern). Please join us!

Facebook LIVE Q&A

If you have any questions about the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, or any of the programs we offer, will be hosting a Facebook LIVE event on the DSBM facebook page  this coming Friday, March 20 at 12pm Pacific time (3pm Eastern).


This in-depth, clinically-orientated program is designed for aspiring and newly practicing herbalists as well as allied health professionals such as doctors, nurses, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and chiropractors, looking to expand and refine their knowledge of traditional herbal medicine. Following an introduction to the history and practice of herbal medicine, each of the 14 modules focuses on a specific body system or issue, such as digestion, respiratory function, cancer, or aging. After reviewing the relevant anatomy and pathophysiology, each module is a tapestry of practical therapeutic approaches from the perspective of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Unani, and Western herbal medicine. Phytomedica includes three years of student membership, detailed course content, recorded video/audio, and weekly live Q&As.

Inside Ayurveda

Based on more than 25 years of study and practice, this program brings the theory and practice of Ayurveda home to the Western world. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a health care practitioner, or just want support your own health and expand your knowledge, Inside Ayurveda is the unparalleled choice! Inside Ayurveda includes two years of student membership, a 600+ page course manual, recorded video/audio, and weekly live Q&As. Inside Ayurveda is also a prerequisite for the 2019 Ayurveda Overseas Program. Don’t miss out! Register here for Inside Ayurveda.

Food As Medicine

Based on a guide originally written to help his patients, the Food As Medicine was launched as an online learning program in 2014. The program is comprised of 16 modules exploring every aspect of food, from stellar nucleosynthesis to probiotic bacteria, and everything in between, including:

  • nutritional biochemistry
  • digestion, gut ecology, and metabolism
  • vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients
  • plant metabolism and phytonutrients
  • the evolution of the human diet
  • Ayurveda and diet
  • therapeutic and popular diets
  • medicinal and culinary herbs
  • science and tradition of detoxification
  • food sensitivities and allergy
  • see the full syllabus here

Registration includes years student membership, a copy of Food As Medicine, detailed course notes, recorded video/audio, instructional videos, and weekly live Q&As.